Meet Nicole

Nicole started riding at 15 learning the basics of dressage in weekly lessons. She had never loved other sports, nor been super into them. Once she started riding, she fell in love with horses! She quickly improved her skills by riding the hard to handle horses that no one wanted to ride. Nicole never said no to hopping on any horse! At 17, Nicole was lucky to be able to rescue Vegas. She continued to learn so much over the years by taking lessons from various instructors, and began teaching off her perfect pony Belle. Nicole’s program began to flourish, as she starts from the ground up with her students and makes sure they all have knowledge not just in the saddle, but on the ground with horses as well. Nicole is now an instructor, horse trainer, barn manager, and sells horses! The opportunities are endless, and she hopes to share her knowledge so her students can grow up to be true horse-men as well!